Estranged from Family? You Should Have an Estate Plan

Estranged from Family? You Should Have an Estate Plan

For many reasons, your relationship with family can be complicated. Maybe they disprove of your lifestyle (or vice versa). Perhaps you were the child of a messy divorce and haven’t spoken to the “other” parent in many years. Maybe one of you ended up in a relationship that has driven a wedge between the family. No … Continued

Aging Parents and Adult Children: When to Consider Guardianship in Texas?

As the population in America grows older, it’s becoming ever more common for adult children to care for their sick or aging parents. Frequently, the adult child begins by helping with bills, doctors appointments, medication, or transportation. Eventually, though, infrequent or basic assistance evolves into a nearly full-time job and can include being the sole … Continued

Getting Letters Testamentary from Probate Court

Frequent Scenario: Someone dies. Their surviving spouse is told by the bank they need “Letters” to access a bank account. Surviving spouse finds a lawyer online and asks him to draft the letter. Surviving spouse is then frustrated to learn that she doesn’t really need a letter from a lawyer – but has to go to court … Continued

Already Have an Estate Plan? Focus on This.

Nearly everyone in America (even people of fairly modest financial means) would benefit from the security of having a basic estate plan that includes a Last Will and Testament, Powers of Attorney (both financial and medical) and an Advance Directive. If you fall into the category of pre-planning Americans who have already completed their plan, … Continued

Estate Planning for Senior Citizens

As the American population ages, adult children of seniors are scrambling to help their parents and protect themselves against the uncertainty in the legal system. This blog helps understand some of the options available.     First, two important points worth understanding: (1) Not all estate plans look the same (or should look the same). Plans should be … Continued