Why Young Parents Need a Will

Why Young Parents Need a Will

Every now and then I come across a heartbreaking story about a father or mother dying, leaving behind young children. Sometimes, it’s both parents, killed in a tragic accident, and their kids are suddenly left orphans. Each time I say a prayer and hope there’s a legal plan in place to sort out the “what’s … Continued

Keep Those Trade Secrets Secret

In a previous post, “Top 10 Business Law Mistakes (And How to Avoid Them), Part 2,” I pointed out how many businesses fail to protect key intellectual property and trade secrets. These are the things that give your company a competitive edge and help you stand out. In this article, I’d like to drill down … Continued

The Problem with DIY Wills

You’re out shopping at one those big box stores and you see a brightly colored display advertising the latest software for do-it-yourself wills and estate planning. Or maybe you’re online, reading about what a trust is and why you might need one, when a banner ad or pop-up ad comes onscreen and touts a cheap, … Continued

Due Diligence: Why Business Owners Need to Do Background Checks

Here’s a familiar scenario: You’re looking to expand your team, so you post job ads online and spend a few weeks doing interviews. You find a few candidates who are perfect for the positions you need to fill. Now here comes the hard part: Do you run a thorough (and sometimes costly) background check on … Continued

Billion-Dollar Verdict Underscores Need for Estate Plan

Last month, a Dallas jury ordered JPMorgan Chase & Co. to pay more than $4 billion in damages for mishandling the estate of a former American Airlines executive. While an appeal will likely knock that judgment down a bit, the verdict underscores a vital need for everyone to have a solid will and estate plan … Continued